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Month: October 2014

Oct 30, 2014

Halloween Candy Eating Tips:

Feel free to enjoy the candy, but eat wisely!

When you eat candy containing sugar the bacteria in your mouth produce acid which breaks down the tooth structure. Your saliva can neutralize the acid in roughly 30 minutes and repair the damage in roughly 3 hours. Thus, eat as much candy as you like at once. Do not eat candy again for at least 3 hours. It is not the quantity of candy but the timing that causes dental cavities.

Final thoughts: Sticky foods (i.e. gummy bears and gummy worms) can stay in your teeth for a very long time; thus, stressing the 3 hour rule. Also know, brushing with acids in your mouth is not good. Allow your saliva to go to work, buffer the acid, then proceed to brush away and keep those pearly teeth sparkling!


Oct 2014

Dr. Everett was at the annual ADA meeting in San Antonio Texas taking courses.