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September 2015

Started our weekly medical emergency review and scenario training. It is never anything to look forward to having to use , but it must be part of our ingrained memory.

August 2015

It is beyond expectation, but since starting to provide care for military reservists in April of 2014, the office has exceeded $20,000.00 in basic care services. It catches my ear every time I hear yes Sir, thank you Sir.

July 2015

In July, I had the opportunity to have hands on experience and live patient placement in the Kat Implant system. I look forward to having another tool in my provider services

June 2015

The office is hosting a seminar on the benefits of Xylitol to prevent cavities.

May 2015

Dr. Everett was busy with classes this month:

May 1st “The Nuts and Bolts of Implant Dentistry”

May 22nd “Atypical Facial Pain”

May 30th “Toured the newly built University of Maryland Dental School along with seeing many classmates fromm his Baltimore days.

April 2015

A little orthodontic education was had at a very cold Iron Pigs game. Dr. Everett was overjoyed to have the floors cleaned of the harsh winter salt.

March 2015

Felicia was away taking an interesting course “Evidence Based Perio-Results”. We are excited to add to our knowledge and care regimens. The office staff renewed their licenses, and the office was reissued a nitrous-oxide license.

Feb 2015

Happy Children’s Dental Health Month! For over 20 years, we have donated dental education books to local schools.books

December 2014

Excited to see all the College kids coming home with another semester of higher education checked off the todo list.  We are excited to give away poinsettias for the holiday season. In our first year of voulunteering to serve  military reservists,  we were able to see over a hundred and provide thousands in donated care.  We are all excited to do more for 2015!

November 2014

In honor of Veterans Day, The office  notes that it has provided over $10,000 in military discounted services.  It has been a pleasure for the office seeing and meeting various reservists from all over eastern Pa. We look forward to continuing to provide this service in 2015.

Dr. Everett,  Angie, and Felicia completed a course in Child Abuse awareness and identification.

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